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Save time and money by practicing instrument approaches online!

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The Problem

Flying a plane isn't too hard. Accurately following procedures is the hard part.

Why spend thousands trying to learn in the plane when the learning could take place on your computer?

1. Practice

Use Pilot Approach to practice instrument approaches online.

There are no flight controls, so all your attention can be on making the correct decisions.

2. Learn

Pilot Approach gives you advice and records mistakes to help you learn.

Each simulation also generates a report which can be reviewed by your instructor.

3. Apply

Once you become an expert on Pilot Approach, apply your knowledge when you fly!

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"I wish Pilot Approach was around when I did my training. It would've made it much easier. Now I use it to stay fresh and help with proficiency. I plan on using it to help with ATP training in the future."

- Karl

Pilot Approach Simulated Approach


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Mistake Tracking

Realtime Advice

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Simulation Modes

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"Pilot Approach is an excellent tool to have at your fingertips. It is user friendly both on PC and phones. As a visual learner and an instrument student, this helps so much!"

- Ethan

"Remember, you fly an airplane with you head, not your hands and feet."

- Beverly "Bevo" Howard


"As a software engineer, I think you guys did an excellent job. As a pilot, this is awesome. You guys have a ton of growth you could do with this sort of brand."

- Collin

Glass Instrument Panel

Learn with the AI Pilot

Let our AI Pilot guide you through instrument approaches. The AI will fly the approach while asking you questions to test your knowledge and skills. Then, when you're ready, take control and fly the approach on your own.


"As a constant student of engineering, this software has me mesmerized! As an instrument-rated pilot, this fun and challenging website keeps me razor-sharp for any approach."

- Lynnette

Steam Instrument Panel


  • Save money on training
  • Save time
  • Expanded understanding of procedures
  • Increased safety
  • Improved proficiency

Whether you are a pilot or you just want to see how professional pilots fly, give our simulations a try. Everything is online.

Whether you are a pilot or you just want to see how professional pilots fly, give our simulations a try. Everything is online.