Ordered by number of successful approaches with no GPS and without any mistakes.

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Name Successes NO GPS Success Rate Time Simulated Approaches Simulated
Michael460.42%14H 38M173
Rafael118%20H 40M89


Total Simulations 368
Success Rate 41.94%
Total Successful 52
Total Failed 72
Total Time Simulated 02D 07H 10M
Total Mistakes Made 863

Mistakes Made

This table shows what type of mistakes were made by percentage.

The data collected for this table started October 1st, 2020.

Last Month This Month All
Impact (FATAL)Crashed into terrain or an obstacle NA NA NA
BELOW APPROACH MINIMUMS (FATAL)Went below approach minimums on final NA NA NA
OVERSPEED (CRITICAL)Exceeded never exceed speed NA NA NA
STALL (CRITICAL)Tried to climb too fast NA NA NA
Outside Protected Area (CRITICAL)Went outside of protected area for the approach NA NA NA
Went below the protected area for the approachImpact - Crashed into terrain or an obstacle NA NA NA
Unprotected Side of Hold (CRITICAL)Failed to stay on the protected side of a hold NA NA NA
Unprotected Side of PT (CRITICAL)Failed to stay on the protected side of a procedure turn NA NA NA
Flew Too Far PT (CRITICAL)Flew further than the procedure turn limit (usually 10nm) NA NA NA
Below Inbound Alt PT (CRITICAL)Went below procedure turn inbound altitude NA NA NA
Turned Inbound Multiple Times PT (CRITICAL)This means a procedure turn was really messed up. Somehow the aircraft was turned around more than once. NA NA NA
Off Assigned Altitude (CRITICAL)Did not stay on ATC assigned altitude NA NA NA
Flying Wrong Way (CRITICAL)Flew the wrong way on a procedure NA NA NA
Somewhat Off ProcedureGot a little bit off of a procedure. Although still protected, this would cause a failure of a checkride and a potential violation. NA NA NA
Too High On ProcedureDidn't descend on an approach NA NA NA
Below Outbound Alt PTWent below the outbound altitude on a procedure turn NA NA NA
Holding ProblemsHad a problem with a hold. Either turning the wrong way, not flying the right length for each leg, or not entering in a timely manner. NA NA NA
ATC / RadioFailing to respond to ATC or advise position at an uncontrolled airport NA NA NA
Failed to get WeatherFailed to get weather before beginning final approach NA NA NA
Over 250ktsExceeded 250 knots when below 10,000 feet MSL NA NA NA
Course Set IncorrectlyDid not set course correctly in a timely manner for a procedure NA NA NA
Used Wrong NavaidDid not tune in the correct navaid frequency in a timely manner NA NA NA
Set Wrong AltitudeSelected the wrong altitude setting for a procedure NA NA NA
Too Fast on ApproachFlying much faster than the approach speed for their aircraft NA NA NA