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Pilot Approach is an instrument approach training software unlike any other. Pilot Approach is intended for pilots working on their instrument rating as well as any pilot who flies under IFR.

Pilot Approach simulates approach procedures for students and pilots to practice quick thinking and making the right decisions similar to a real IFR environment. This is intended to increase thinking speed, improve precision, and develop a better understanding of instrument approaches.

What makes Pilot Approach so different is that the simulation will detect mistakes other than just impacts with terrain or towers. As the Pilot, if you fly off course or outside the protected area, the program will tell you along with advice on how to correct the mistake. In addition, Pilot Approach will not only give the correction for the error but also reference links to relative training materials for the mistakes made.

Asides from detecting real-world common mistakes, in training mode, Pilot Approach will give advice and details for each portion of an approach. So even if you are just beginning instrument training, by using a few of these videos below and the training mode, you will be well on your way to learning IFR approaches.

For instrument flight training, Pilot Approach is could save you a large amount on training costs as well as make you a much more phenomenal pilot. This is because a large portion of training with an instructor is involved around understanding approach plates with 100% precision and quick enough to still handle cockpit duties.

For instrument-rated pilots, Pilot Approach is a great tool to keep your mental proficiency and aptitude. No need to chair fly when Pilot Approach can fly the approach with you. Going several weeks without flying in IMC or IFR could lead to a steep drop off in proficiency. Usually, psychomotor skills stick around longer, but cognitive skills deteriorate quickly. Pilot Approach is here to help! A learning pilot is a safe pilot!

Training Videos

We recommend playing the simulator in fullscreen.

Approach on the Simulator

Here is a full playthough of an ILS approach into Gunnison Regional airport.

Instrument Approach Basics

This video goes over the basics of an instrument approach procedure. For full details on instrument procedures, refer to the FAA handbooks provided in the resources below.

How Pilots Land Blind

This video is intended for non-pilots to learn about the basics of instrument flights, but it is also incredibly useful for private pilots training for their instrument rating.

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VFR into IMC

This is a case study of an accident caused by a visual flight into instrument conditions. Even if not an instrument rated pilot, the training in this simulator may provide you the tools needed to save your life. However, we strongly recommend obtaining your instrument rating then practicing regularly.

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