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What if you could reduce the cost of instrument training, perfect your instrument approach skills, and have fun in the process?

We used to think it was impossible until our team of aviation professionals developed a solution: a comprehensive and affordable software platform for learning real instrument approach procedures. At Pilot Approach, our mission is to make instrument training more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Our team of flight instructors, commercial pilots, and airline pilots noticed these problems with traditional instrument flight training:

  • Initial training is difficult for students.
  • Many instrument-rated pilots lose their proficiency when they rarely fly in actual IMC conditions.
  • Many pilots struggle with learning how to quickly and accurately read and interpret instrument approach procedures.

Our solution: A personalized, affordable, flexible, instrument training system that increases your flight deck efficiency. Who would have thought that this sophisticated technology would make learning so enjoyable?


We have isolated instrument flying to the fundamentals, maximizing comprehension during the critical phases of your instrument approach procedure. While traditional simulators only detect crashes, our simulations are designed around instrument approaches flown by a comprehensive autopilot. In most simulators, mistakes made on approach go undetected and uncorrected if it doesn't lead to a crash. Those simulators don't detect or re-teach to proficiency. Pilot Approach detects when mistakes are made and teaches the correct practices. Whether you are learning the basics or are a seasoned aviator, Pilot Approach is a state-of-the-art supplement to your instrument approach training. Use it regularly to increase proficiency and improve your flight deck efficiency.


This software reduces costs for aircraft rental and flight instruction and allows you the flexibility to train on your own schedule. You can practice your skills without scheduling an airplane or instructor.


Instrument training requires time in a real airplane or full simulator, but students should also study procedures and instrument concepts outside of the airplane. In the past, students spent hours with an instructor reading and tracing on approach plates. Pilot Approach can reduce this training time and replace hours of tedious groundwork with an enjoyable, high-tech learning experience that works around your schedule.

We know your time is valuable. Pilot Approach gives you the flexibility and freedom to practice instrument approaches without paying for an instructor and aircraft. Never before has instrument training been this affordable, accessible, and so much fun.

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Team Members


Michael Forseth

• Certified Flight Instructor
• Pilot Approach Developer


Victor Forseth

• Airline Captain
• Certified Flight Instructor
• Consultant / Tester


Richard Bimmer

• Developer



• Corporate Pilot
• Certified Flight Instructor
• Consultant / Tester